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Moi? C'est Insane.

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Eine Kleine Leichtmusik

What I'm wearing:

- russet red corduroy 'fat pants' that I purchased from the Gap on the 3rd street promenade in sm,ca

- boy panty grey cotton underwear that I got as a gift

- schaeffer the dark lord t-shirt acquired at knitting factory in la,ca (it's modeled after the star wars)

- flowered shoes that carolina from Uganda said she loved - reminded her of something argentina would have - a gift from jane.

- cardigan - the perfect black one - finally and at last - bought to me by my mommy in roswell, georgia

- chandelier earrings that remind me of the crowley tarot card "10 of disks"
or some other one in the disks - bought in homage to jane's magic earrings (they sparkle and are amazing - thanks for sourcing them). these were bought at target by my mommy along with the black cardigan

- grandmommy sutherland's wedding ring

- that snake ring I bought at wasteland in santa monica

- and finally, those sunglasses that I bought in new york that are huge. ah new york. I canna believe it was only nine months ago that I did that whole
- baby's first solo trip.

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