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The Man Who Will Save Africa

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Well, he will save villages within Africa with his brain.

Mark and I were talking about the guy we knew from wilmington. We were talking at Toppers at second street and california in santa monica...
drinking margaritas and talking about how mark loves meg and all is good and how amazingly great I think it is... I love her too.

But how I I I will always be his second wife... kristen.

Anyhoo. love is weird and you love people and want them happy if you do...
and you want them to love you and remember how great YOU were, but the future... if both are happy, great for all.

Anyhoo, Jock Brandis.

he will win the nobel peace prize. He has made a machine of waste material that will shell peanuts for the african peasants. I have written of this before (maybe on kristen's words), but again.

It's lovely.

mark and I at toppers.

I spoke to him of my lover.
He spoke of his.

We spoke of wilmington.

Jock Brandis and the peanut machine and joost's 24-year old hippie girlfriend.

where is the time?
it's nothing but flowers.

Currently, we tried to go to "match point" but it was sold out.

I love my lover.
He loves his.

We are watching the david bryne video.


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