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Ossification and Oscillation and Obfuscation.

So last night, as opposed to sitting in my own vomit and pity, I answered "yes" to an invitation from jane and jaime (Jaime - who I hadn't seen since she visited New York when she was 19 or 20 ((a sister of a very very fabulous person who equally has such fresh candor)) - very nice and foxy - back this day from a visit to australia afore she goes and puts her body/mind towards saving the world in February). We went to that Sonny Boy McLean's bar. It was lovely surprising fun - with me going into stellar - dragon-chasing/riding territory. If there were a camera and an editor, it would have been art. Instead, it was just a night of fun.

I was surrounded by J's.

Hop back to Jane's at 10:30 (my quote: ah, lovely - it's really not that late at all!) with my logistic declaration of 2006 declared:

I'll just order a cab from your house! ($7.70 + tip - faded people are the best tippers)

Some of my favorite things occurred. Among them was talking (about me!) and smoking and living a life of wonderment. People are my very favorite, and you're all so interesting to me....

(oh, is this my art?)

So Jaime had us play this game of choosing. I never did learn how to play per se - the logistics as it were - but it was a 'get to know each other'
game. Supposedly, there is a match-off with the winning theme/word winning.
The first question was "music or books". This is what I record as

music or books (jaime and I chose books, josh and jane chose music) music or travel (we all chose travel) travel or rainbows (this was a bit of a strange one as josh jumped turns - but travel) travel or water (this was mine. I explained it as no streams or lakes only bottled water. jayne chose travel.) music or sex, sex, sex (not sure of order but sex of course) sex or love (this was supposed to be the game-ender. jaime said we somehow jumped ahead to achieve this in so few rounds, but what of it. After some waffling, josh chose love. jaime and I chose love. jane chose sex.)

It was all very interesting. Nice people. Viva la difference fer shur.

I showed them the age-old drinking game of 1up/1down.

Then, I made a game up. What is our chakra god/goddess?

Jane asked me what I thought mine would be. I told her that would be cheating. I stated that they all seemed reasonably culturally literate (in fact, stunningly so) and could throw up a few gods. Josh was so trepidatious that I had to tell him it wasn't real - no 'right' answer.

So Jayne says "bacchus" for me. I say - OK, but I've always wanted to be Athena or Aphrodite in my dreams. I say I'm always afraid that people see me as Hera. So, Josh then actually nods and says I'm Hera (we had easily decided that jaime was Artemus/Diana). Then Jaime was sleeping from traveling from Australia (I had lovingly told her she should be lucky we're americans as australians would never accept a napper.) I nudged her verbally and demanded that she answer my chakra goddess. She said Aphrodite. I melted and said I loved that answer/mirror.

So, Josh was easy. I think he would think of himself as Zeus, but we agreed Dionysus.

Jane wanted to be Mars/Ares. Josh decided she was Minerva - and it fit. I tapped her on the shoulder and said "fuck, I wanted to be athena, and you get to be her."

A few minutes later, we're tossing her rugby ball back and forth. I ask her if she likes Bacchus. She says OF COURSE. I say good. Then she tells me that I can instinctively throw the rugby ball well. I reply that it's always a surprise to people that a female bacchus can play rugby.

We laugh. Many accessories later, I'm taking a cab up Montana (Lotus cabs) and laughing. I tell the driver my name is India.

He says "goodbye India" at the end. I say "goodbye Taxicab Driver A".

(then I'm paranoid all night.)

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