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Changes and Strangers

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I am moving today.

The hovel looks like a tornado.

I am as nervous as a bird. I verily dislike doing things of this nature on my own. A partner is useful in such situations. When the phone was ringing last night - as I was packing - I thought: whomever this is I am so grateful to you. It was Mark. Logically, he would be the only one who would know how upset I would be. When he moved out of his apartment in Wilmington 10 years ago, I cried. I hate empty apartments where I've been.
They make me see the ghosts of good times, and it's a death.

I'm sensitive and that's why i'm so nasty.


I was very comfortable in the old place. Change makes me freak.

Thank you black hole for letting me just spill some stupid bloggy thing on you. I had menat it to all be poetic and nostalgic and hopeful, but I'm just in an absured and illogical panic.

I'm relying on strangers to help me.

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