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Eddie's dead.

He died on July 15th.

Eddie. EhhhhhDeeeee.

He was from the south. He was 42 when I first became in his wide circle of friends. He was the doyenne of wilmington society - the oldest of us all, but sort of the self-appointed independent film czar and local character and mayor of wilmington type.

Eddie was distinctive. He was larger than life and all this. I don't think he'd mind me saying this. He knew me and we had an affinity for one another. We weren't the best of friends, but we had had moments of revelation and conversation in our ten years of knowing each other.

Eddie was distinctive. My description of him was that he looked like baron sarkonnen from Dune. He was gay and lived a large life of food and all the drugs and he had been a roadie on bands and rocked and rolled and landed in Wilmington as a relatively prosperous distinctive figure in the film community and the downtown community and in my community. As I said, he was older than all off us, but it was cool. He was Edgar Blakely, jr.

As I said, he lived hard. I once sort of alluded to it. We were in the french bar on the foot of market street. We talked. He told me of the time that he discovered his ten year lover hanging from the swingset of the lover's parent's house. Eddie claimed he had been living on borrowed time ever since. But, he had fun. He had tremendous ups and downs and maintained and he had died. He could never be replicated or replaced. He is unique.

Farewell Eddie. I loved you. It is easy to celebrate your life and not freak out about your death. You prepared us all for that by being you. It was all the NOW. May you pass into the realm of light old friend.


In other news, how can I not say (perhaps even eddie would have wanted me to say so - of course he would):

Happy Birthdays today to:

Terry Jung (stepfather)
Mark Gilmer
Marty Roupe
Jason that actor guy

Give a toast to eddie then - or pour some spirits on the ground.

It is all so fleeting isn't it old pal.

Viva you.

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