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My Mad Libs Post

I’ve wanted to do a tribute to Mad Libs for awhile, and this week, I decided to just go for it. So yes, gentle reader, this week, you get to write your very own Sunshine Jen blog. Woohoo!

I haven't done Mad Libs in awhile. Back when I'd do them at summer camp, I always tried to incorporate the words meatballs and squirrel into the little story.

So first you fill in this list with fifteen of your own words:

1. Animal:

2. Automobile:

3. Person:

4. Thing:

5. Movie Title:

6. Place:

7. Adjective:

8. Adjective:

9. Verb past tense:

10. Noun:

11. People:

12. Verb:

13. Emotion:

14. Place:

15. Liquid:

Now scroll down. . .

Scroll down some more. . .

And you insert your words into the story:

Last night, as I was walking my ___(1)___, a ___(2)___ pulled up next to me. It was being driven by ___(3)___ who gave me a ___(4)___ to see ___(5)___ at ___(6)___.

I found the movie to be ___(7)___ and___(8)___. I___(9)___ my ___ (10)___ a lot. Why do___ (11)___ always have to ___(12)___ in movies? It makes me so___(13)___.

I had to go to ___(14)___ where I drank a lot of ___(15)___ just to feel human again.

For a more technologically advanced madlibs, you can go here.

All the Honest Squirrels, where do they all come from?

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