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Famous Gray Knit Cap

I’ve been thinking a lot about Leonard Cohen lately. It’s probably because I woke up one morning, looked out the window, and saw a bird on a wire. I’ve tried in my way to be free.

Leonard Cohen might have a famous blue raincoat, but I have a famous gray knit cap. If you remember way back to last year, I almost lost my gray knit cap in a small town in Ireland, but it came back to me. You can read all about that adventure here.

Recently, my lucky gray knit cap was called into service for a play. It had to cover the head of character who had cut off his ear. Since one cannot ask an actor to cut off his ear (actors like their ears), the gray knit cap was hired.

The play was a hit! Audiences cheered. Everyone was happy. Woohoo!

When I went backstage after the final perfornace, the gray knit cap was reluctant to leave. It had made so many awesome friends. It had to take pictures and sign programs. Yes, the gray knit cap had become famous.

Now the gray knit cap wants to do more plays. It is currently seeking agency representation.

I’m a bit hesitant about letting the gray knit cap pursue a career in show business. Sure, the gray knit cap is hot now, but what happens when a blue knit cap comes along? Really, what is there for a gray knit cap to fall back on? It can’t get work as a scarf or pair of gloves.

Still, the gray knit cap is lucky, so I’m sure everything will turn out all right. It’s actually up for a new play set in Antarctica about scientists researching penguins.

Here are some of gray knit cap’s friends:


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