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Ten Ten Ten

Today is 10/10/10. I wanted to do a list of ten somethings in honor of the day, but I wasn’t sure what to do.

Should I go Oprah materialistic and list ten things to buy along with their corresponding websites? Should I go ineffectual intellectual and list ten difficult books or ten obscure films? Should I list ten cocktails and proceed to drink them? Should I list ten fruits, ten vegetables, ten flowers, ten animals? Should I go to the Star Wars place? Ahhh, the Star Wars place---so beautiful, yet so full of pain.

Finally, I decided to just be my noncommittal self and list ten completely random things. Here they are:

One. I ran out of vitamins this morning. When I went to the store, I bought vitamins and some English muffins because I suddenly had a craving for English muffins in the middle of the afternoon.

Two. I am currently reading Netherland by Joseph O’Neill. It’s about a Dutch businessman who lives in New York. The writer was born in Cork, worked as a barrister in London, and lives in New York. I am currently reading his book in Los Angeles. That’s a lot of cities.

Three. Yesterday, I drove a 30’ sailboat into the Marina del Rey channel under sail. As we approached the rocks near the entrance, I kept expecting the owner of the boat to take the tiller back, but he didn’t. We came in smooth and awesome. That was the highpoint of my yesterday.

Four. Last night, I saw Mike Farrell onstage in a two character play. Mike Farrell was not playing a character like BJ Honeycutt and played his character well. However, as usual, I was disappointed by the two character play. I kept hoping that a third character would show up even though I know it’s not possible (since there are only two characters listed in the program),

Five. During Zumba class, I did the scissor step.

Six. A friend of mine was attacked by bees this week. He's still alive. 

Seven. I drove too far into the automatic car wash, and it flashed REVERSE! REVERSE! REVERSE! at me.

Eight. I’ve been thinking about reindeer a lot lately. Even though real reindeer can’t fly, they’re neat animals.

Nine. I heard a James Yorkston song today. Tortoise Regrets Hare. Tortoise Regrets Hare. Fox takes Hare.

Ten. Cocktails tonight will be cutinis. I discovered that if you use cheap gin, the cucumber flavor really comes out.

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