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A New Way to Fly

With the new TSA patdowns and body scans in place, many travelers are electing to fly nude this holiday season. Upon entering the airport, travelers have been seen shedding all their clothes, stashing them in their carry-on bag, and entering the security area without even a thong on.

What’s interesting about this phenomenon is that once they have passed through security, many travelers are not putting their clothes back on and electing to fly nude. Even though they spend most of the flight wrapped in a soft blanket and reclothe before deplaning, most travelers enjoy the nude flying experience.

At first I was nervous. I felt so vulnerable naked, but once I stood for a few minutes in a busy terminal with only a pair of flip-flops on, I started to feel better about myself. said Mary Conner, a college student who recently flew nude from San Diego to Phoenix.

No one noticed me. No one looked twice. Then I started to see other nude people, and I thought, okay I’m not alone, I can do this. Security was not a problem, and the flight was great. I felt so light, so free, I use to get anxious when I flew, but I think my anxiety came from my clothes.

It’s not a sexual thing. said Raymond Jones, 34, a salesman from Des Moines and an avid airport nudist.

There aren’t orgies happening in frequent flyer lounge. It’s about being secure in your skin. I carry a towel not to cover myself but to put on seats. I have a bit of a germ phobia.

It’s the best thing to happen to flying since those little TV screens on the backs of seats. It’s so great!
Sally Simmons said.

Mrs. Simmons was traveling with twin one-year old boys who were crawling around the gate area in only their diapers.

Once we’re through security, that diaper goes on. It’s just easier that way. The first time we went through security nude, we had a bit of an accident. She said as one of her sons banged his fist against the safety glass window.

When asked if she ever thought she would be flying nude, Mrs. Simmons chuckled.

Oh heck no, when I was a little girl, I figured we’d have teleport technology by now.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Sunshine Jen News Corp.

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