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Blogging in the Womb

In honor of the second day of Chanukkah, Pony gave us the following proverb:

As one is at seven, so is he at seventy.

As I read her lovely piece about friends and how the core of ourselves doesn’t really change through time, I started relating the piece to my own life and how little I have changed through the years.

Yes, I was blogging in the womb.

It took some doing. I had to pull out an eight inch floppy disk, then find some way to read the data on said disk. But I did it. I found my blog from inside the womb.

Now you might say, Jen, wait, there was no blogging in the early 1970s. And there are no computers in the womb. And you didn’t have fingers for most of your time in the womb. This all sounds like a load of hooey, Sunshine Jen.

Okayyyy, I wasn’t technically blogging in the literal sense. Most of my blogging in the womb were just thoughts in my head from the day I was born.

After I left the womb and settled into crib life, I passed along those thoughts to the family dog, Rusty, who transcribed them on a series of trees in the backyard. Those trees were then translated by the family cat, Pawsy, into a series of meows, yawns, and purrs which my Aunt’s parakeet (in town for a family visit to meet the newly born me) translated into words written down on paper by my Aunt. This paper stayed taped to the refrigerator for many years until it turned brown and wrinkled. Before computers, we were all about the paper.

Then my mother typed said blog into a computer in order to print it out on a new sheet of paper (with the help of a nifty dot matrix printer). She also saved it on a floppy disk which she entrusted to me and which I kept all these years along with a cassette tape of Madonna’s first album in the bottom drawer.

So here, after all these years, for the first time ever, is my blog from inside the womb:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhh! Greaaaaaaat! Ohhhhhhh!

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