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The Lyons Tea Quandary

I live in Los Angeles, and one of the reasons that I live in The City of Traffic is that I have access to stuff I can’t get in other parts of the country. For example, art house movies usually play New York and Los Angeles before anywhere else in the States.

Lyons Tea is a brand of Irish tea, and I usually can find a box in an Irish or English import shop. I drink it first thing in the morning, and it eases me into the day. I could drink other teas, but I just really love the Lyons.


I currently can not get Lyons Tea anywhere in Los Angeles.

The import tea shop ladies said it's not being imported anymore to Los Angeles.

Oh no!

Okay, it’s not a complete Irish tea disaster. I do have some Barrys to tide me over. I tried the Bewleys, but I don't like it as much. English Breakfast just doesn't cut it. Let’s not talk about Lipton.

So this is an open call to Lyons Tea. Yeah, you guys, please send us your tea! We drink tea in Los Angeles. We drink lots and lots of tea in Los Angeles. We’re tea snobs out here. We think tea is awesome.

And oh I am so torn about posting this piece because I’m not Oprah. I don’t do favorite things and brands, but this is an extreme circumstance. This is my morning ritual.

And it’s raining. Perfect tea drinking weather.

Yes, I can adapt to change. I can be strong. I can find another tea. I will find another tea. I will go on.

Maybe I’ll switch over to green tea in the morning.

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