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Horror Scopes

Not only have I been dealing with potential super storms this new year, but apparently, all our astrological signs are different now.

My January horoscope said I would be in for some big changes, but I wasn’t expecting that big. I don’t want to move from Aries to Pisces. I am very happy with my Aries identity. In fact, I’m such an independently minded Aries that I think I’ll just stay Aries. Yeah, so, there!

I really liked Rich’s reaction to this new development: For real? In the year 2011? Magic is all around us!

I’ve decided with all this astrological flux happening to just create my own horoscope. It will be very simple and just four signs divided up by northern hemisphere seasons (sorry so hem):

People born in Spring (aka March, April, May)

You are constantly trying new things. You like to throw old things away and embrace the new like a spritely fairy in a garden full of lilies. When you’re happy, you walk with a spring in your step.

People born in Summer (aka June, July, August)

You like to play and play hard. You are full of energy and life. No matter what your age, you think a swing set is the greatest thing ever. If it’s bright and bold, you like it, you like it a lot.

People born in Autumn (aka September, October, November)

You are a thinker. You think about things. There’s always something to think about. You like to wear jackets. You read words.

People born in Winter (aka December, January, February)

You like to sleep. In fact your two favorite states of being are being asleep and being awake. You also like receiving presents.

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