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A Better Birthday Card

Yesterday, I was walking around Aahs, a card and gift shop in Westwood Village, with my niece Tabitha (I know, I didn’t name her) on our way to get our nails done.

Auntie Jen, I don’t understand why people send cards. It seems like a waste of paper to me. Tabitha said as I perused the birthday card section.

It’s a nice way to acknowledge someone’s birthday or to just say hello or that you’re thinking of them. I said in my best wise aunt voice.

But isn’t that what facebook’s for. You just write on their wall.

But Tabitha, not everyone is on facebook.

Why not?

Some people don’t want to be. Some people don’t want to be on the internet at all.


Lots of reasons. Some people want to spend their time doing other things. Like you, Tabitha, you don’t spend all your time on the internet.

I’m not allowed.

And the conversation pretty much died off.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a paper card with just the right mixture of humor and intelligence for Rich on his birthday, so I ended up happy-birthdaying his facebook wall.

However, since there is a good chance Rich will read this today, please bear with my all caps. . .


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