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I don’t know how women in the olden days did it. They must have been hard core riding a rag once a month. Then again, there were also no flush toilets or hot showers. It was a whole other way of living.

Like millions of other women in the new millennium, I am grateful for the modern tampon. It’s just so nice, so tampony. Like millions of other women, I have my preferred brand. It is the only brand I use. I do not use other brands. No, it has to be that one brand, just that one brand, no other. I don’t care about the other brands. I have just the one brand, that’s it.

Recently, my favorite brand stopped appearing on the shelves at my local store. Horrors! Oh no! Was it discontinued??? Was it unpopular??? Why? Why? Why? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

I stared at the forest of boxes. They were all blues and bright colors and promised protection and comfort all day and all night. They had graphics that resembled hour glasses and cups and firecrackers. They had different sizes---light, regular, super, super plus, super super plus plus. Some were gentle. Some were unscented. None of them were free.

In my overwhelmed tampon state, I grabbed a box of the basic generic ones and started that evening's drinking early. Later, I went online and found out that a glitch in distribution had caused my brand to not make it to my local store. It will be back and in stock soon. No use crying over lost tampons.

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