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Grapefruit Bitters

In my cocktail making, I recently discovered grapefruit bitters.

Not as dominant as lemon bitters, grapefruit bitters still have a nice tang to them, but they won’t turn a cocktail into wood cleaner.

I like throwing a few grapefruit dashes into some campari on ice. I am not a big campari fan, but I actually think the campari gets better and mellower with that grapefruit zest. It becomes not so obnoxiously campari.

The true test came with the martini. I don’t like messing with my classic martini recipe which calls for orange bitters (in the glass, not the mix). However, I was most impressed with the grapefruit bitters. It’s kind of like The Thomas Crown Affair. The classic is good, but the remake is a lot more fun.

The brand of grapefruit bitters I use is from Fee Brothers
(Thanks Lisa!)

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