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Oh Stoli Raz, It's Been Too Long

Oh Stoli Raz, it’s been too long. How did it end up being so long since the last time we met?

Suddenly, on Monday, there you were at Ralphs. You were on sale along with all your Stoli flavored buddies on the top shelf. I hadn’t planned on meeting you again. I had gone into Ralphs to get Smart Balance and Peeps, but I walked out with Smart Balance, Peeps, and Stoli Raz.

I must say, you still have the magic. With some ice and tonic, you still bring the fun. You helped create a red plastic tumbler full of razziness. You turned a bland television-watching week night into a party of giggleness.

When was the last time we met? Was it New York? Remember how we use to spend hours together? It was you and all my girlie friends. My girlie friends liked you too, Stoli Raz. We liked you so much that the bar sometimes ran out of you. Good times those were. Good times.

You still have it, Stoli Raz. You still have that special Stoli Razziness.

Next time, I’ll remember to add the lime.

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