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Turning Fordy

I’m 40 today. Hooray! Hooray! And it’s raining in LA.

Yesterday, on my facebook status, I wrote: fuckitimturninfordy. Several people liked this. I like it when people like my virtual stuff. The facebook like goes well with my whole anti-superlative stance. There’s too much love. Let’s just all settle down and like.

My facebook status also elicited a few it’s not so bads because perhaps some saw negativity in my status update. Let me reassure you, Sunshine Jen Nation, that I am not negative about turning 40.

Let me clarify my status as I turn forty. First of all, I wasn’t sure what the facebook relationship with the word fuck was, so I rammed my sentence together in one giant word. Second, I do not view the fuck in that sentence as a negative. Not only is it a very pleasurable activity, it is also a good word to use when I can’t come up with any other word. I like the sound of it. Fuck. Clean and crisp. And now thanks to Cee Lo Green, even Fuck you has a certain lyrical joy to it.

When I say fuckit, I’m not drowning in middle age angst while chained to a rock of regret. When I say fuckit, I’m letting go and it feels fucking good. When I say fuckit, I see that all the stupid stuff that I thought was so important isn’t really. When I say fuckit, I feel alive, and I like that.

But how is 40 really?

I feel great. I’m in better shape physically and mentally than I was at 35. If 40 is the new 35, then I’m out-35ing my 35 self.

Also in my status, I accidentally typed fordy instead of forty. I almost corrected that until I thought of Harrison Ford, and that made me smile. Maybe I’ll misspell more frequently. It amuses me.

And because it’s my birthday, oh Lordy, it’s Harrison Fordy:

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