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Thirty Game Hitting Streak

Recently, Dodger outfielder Andre Ethier had a thirty game hitting streak.

For me, this is the only highpoint in a totally lame Dodger season. It’s so lame that Major League Baseball taking over the team just elicited a blah reaction from me. I’m totally over the McCourt melodrama.

Still there was joy in the lineup which decided this year to actually hit the ball. Yes, that was good.

Then yesterday in my email, I got a ticket offer for $30 field level seats for the May 16th game in honor of the thirty game hitting streak. I had to hurry. The offer would only last thirty hours. That day, all Ethier merchandise will be 30% off. How much thirty can they cram into one day?

I cynically imagined parking also being thirty bucks that day in order to make some cash for the May 31st payroll. Then, I figured there could be a special offer---two beers for thirty bucks. How about thirty pieces of popcorn for a dollar?

In honor of the never-ending McCourt divorce proceedings, how about half-off bleacher seats for anyone who presents a certificate of divorce? Yes, you do have to present documents.

As I watched the Dodgers beat Pittsburgh yesterday, I wondered which major league baseball team Ethier will end the season with. It will probably be a strong pitching team with some holes in its lineup. Theories anyone?

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