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Just how smart is a smart phone?

I am a creature of technological habit. I am not easily swayed by bright and shiny gizmos.

Back in college, I typed away at my Smith Corona word processor with a six line screen while everyone around me bit into Apples.

I still own VHS tapes, floppy disks, and cassette tapes. None of my gadgets begin with the letter, I.

Through the years, I’ve worked hard to keep my cell phone simple. I finally got a phone with a camera two years ago. Even though I can text (and have even embraced u as a substitute for you), I do not have email on my phone.

Then recently, due to circumstances and a desire for change, I upgraded to a smart phone. Now, I’m sure many of you have smart phones. Maybe some of you are reading this on your smart phones. I salute you, smart phone people.

When I opened the Welcome to your smart phone, smarty pants book, I immediately went into a panic. MMS? SMS? What? Huh? Where are my contacts? Unlock? How do I unlock? Do I have to unlock? Where are my contacts?

When I was a kid, I knew how to time set the VCR---unlike my parents. Oh no! Have I become my parents---left behind as the great hybrid car of progress passed me by????

Was I being melodramatic? Was I not smart enough for a smart phone? In the phone store, I insisted on getting a phone with actual buttons and not just a touch screen. Yep, sign me up for medicare. I’m an old lady.

Then, my rational side took over. I went online and found the manual on the smart phone website. The manual explained everything step by step, and I was able to access my contacts again. I also purchased a really cool sleeve to cover my phone with a pattern I identified with.

I soon realized that my smart phone was not smarter than I was. It was just a tool. Like my car keys, it was an important tool that I could fit into a handbag.

Then I discovered the Sudoku on the phone. Okay, it’s a keeper.

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