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The Car Crash and The Massage

Yesterday, while driving to a massage appointment, I saw two cars crash into each other. I was stopped at a light a few cars back from the intersection when suddenly boom. Collision. They collided front to front.

In all my time in LA, I have never seen two cars collide. I’ve seen a lot of near misses. I’ve seen cars on fire. I’ve seen cars after the collision. I have never seen cars collide.

If you hold an empty gallon plastic jug in each hand and clap them together, that’s what the cars sounded like. It was a plastic thud, not a loud metal crash like in the movies.

Let me reassure everyone that both cars were able to drive out of the intersection, so the drivers probably were not hurt. The front of the cars absorbed the impact and collapsed, so it was a very bad fender bender. There was a lot of debris in the intersection.

As I drove on with the traffic, I felt super tense and drove very carefully. The boom of the collision kept playing in my head. All this time in LA, I had never seen two cars collide.

When I showed up at my appointment, they asked me what kind of massage I wanted. I said, the most relaxing one you’ve got.

After the massage, I was more relaxed than I had been in weeks. Yesterday was a day of extremes.

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