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Smog Check Loose Tire

Yesterday afternoon as my car was getting smog checked, I saw a loose tire roll into a busy intersection without a car attached to it.

One does not normally see a tire roll down the street without a car attached to it, so I was at first perplexed, then I was delighted.

Go Little Tire! Roll Free!

Drivers were able to safely stay away from the tire, and I thought it was going to roll forever. It rolled into a moving Subaru and then rolled off it without leaving a dent. It rolled and rolled. It never fell on its side.

Then, a guy in a passenger seat of an old blue van waiting for the light to change jumped out, ran into the center of the intersection, and rescued the tire. He brought it back to a Beemer sitting at the side of the road with only three tires on it. The guy, obviously pumped up by his heroic act, jumped back into the van before the light changed.

One of the guys from the auto garage attached to the smog testing site was helping the Beemer driver who seemed a little dazed by the whole thing.

At this point, I had to leave because my eleven year old car had passed smog. Woohoo! The Tracker lives!

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