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Bucket of Martini

Before I go into my cocktail rant, I just want to say howdy hello to two commentators of the last post.

First, Stu, I’ve never been a big fan of Campari. I found it a little too bitter, but I have come around to it. I still prefer Aperol, and I use Aperol instead of Campari when I make negronis. If you want a non-prejudiced view of their differences, Campari is berries while Aperol is orange. Both of them make for some colorful drinking.

Kelly, always willing to be your wingman. The path to true love should be paved with cocktails. Wait, can you pave with cocktails?

Moving on.

Recently, I went out with some friends to some trendy rooftop bar in downtown LA. I don’t remember what it was called. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed trendiness amnesia.

After three elevators, I finally made it to the roof and ordered a Hendricks martini from the bartendress. She promptly and efficiently placed a very large martini glass on the bar and filled it with ice.

I then made a special request:

Could you please not fill it all the way to the top?

The bartendress looked puzzled. Usually folks want more liquid in their drinks and not less.

I explained that I like to sip martinis. If the glass is too big, the end of the martini will be too warm by the time I get there. I prefer my martinis cold and slow.

Is it just me or do restaurants and bars supersize their cocktails nowadays? I don’t want a bucket of martini. I want something well-made. Just because it’s bigger doesn’t mean it’s better. I want quality not quantity. Add your favorite cliché here.

Fortunately, my martini on the roof ended happy.

The bartendress left a centimeter of space below the rim before she dumped two olives into it. I tipped her well. She made a very nice drink.

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