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Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers

September was not kind to Dodgerland. The bats went to sleep, and the Dodgers did not make it to the playoffs.

Sure, there’s always next year. Sure, there are now some multi-millionaires in the line up. Sure, they were only just starting to learn to play together. Sure, there are some young guys coming up and destined for greatness or a midseason trade. Sure, there’s Clayton Kershaw.

And Matt Kemp, he will recover from his collision with the wall in Colorado at the end of August.

Yes, we must look to the future, we must look to next year. 2013 will be great.


It still sucks to sit in Dodger Stadium during the last game of the season knowing it will be the last game of the season. It still sucks to hear Giants fans subtly (Giants fans are subtle) mention that they are playoff bound. To which, I say it’s a shame that Melky’s not with them. What happened again?

Still, my LA snarkiness does not change that the last game of the season is the last game of the season. Sigh, sigh, sigh.

Then, during the 8th inning of the last game of a season, I got to hear that snap of bat on ball about to travel. I hear that sound not once but twice---Alex Castellanos (a newbie) and Juan Rivera (an oldie). Okay, that’s not a bad way to end a season although eighth inning of the World Series would have been nicer, but this is LA and we must focus on the positive: garlic fries and yogurt in a plastic cap.

Yogurt In A Cap 

The Dodgers did win the game, 5-1.

And one last thing, because I really like this guy, number 47:


As I explained last night to the lady behind me, that’s not booing, that’s just his name.

Last Game 2012

Thanks for the ticket, Shannon and Owen.

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