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For Halloween, I'm going as. . .

Rich did a hilarious post for Halloween which is today, so I decided to do something similar and got to work. Then, Sandy hit the East Coast, and I've been busy reading Facebook updates and newsfeeds.

With everything going on, I wondered if I should go ahead with the Halloween post, but then I decided that sometimes a little bit of fluff makes me feel better, so maybe it will do the same for others. Besides, I heard Chris Christie has rescheduled Halloween in Jersey. I didn't know you could do that.

So for Halloween, I'm going as. . . 

Goth Binder full of Gothiness

Goth Granola

Goth Justin Verlander

Goth Vitamins

Goth Santa Ana Winds

Goth Candy Corn

Goth Surface

Goth Super Pac

Goth Ick

Goth Twitter

Goth Bottled Water

Goth Ache in my Right Foot

Goth Forestay

Goth Rice Milk

Goth Burrito

Goth Irish Tea

Goth English Muffin

Goth Good Wife Character

Goth Like

Goth Moth

Goth Charlie Rose

Goth Cancelled Flight

Goth Martini Bianco

Goth Speedometer

Goth Lydia Callis

Goth Keeling Curve

Goth Waters Rising

Goth Stay Dry, Stay Warm, Stay Safe, East Coast


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