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Pies, Pies, Pies
If I had to describe this thanksgiving in one word, it would be pies. There were a lot of pies. I'm still eating pie, and it's Monday. I've never eaten pie on Monday.

My Pie Saga began last Wednesday when I picked up apple and pumpkin pies from Marie C. Marie makes decent pies, and the parking lot was full of folks getting the pie. It was a pie happening. 

On Thursday (aka Thanksgiving), I drove down to San Diego to my cousin's house with the two pies in the backseat. It turned out that my cousin had an abundance of pie. She also had an abundance of side dishes and turkey (it was a potluck). I ate, drank, was astonished by the kids, and drove back to LA that night with Apple and Pumpkin in the backseat (apple and pumpkin are the pies, not children).

On Friday, after a very foggy sail around the bay (if you look too closely at fog, you start to see stuff that isn't there), I went to a friend's house to have leftovers. They had had a monster feast and were still in a food stupor. I brought the apple and pumpkin pies with me. It turned out they had lots of pie too. When I left their house in a food stupor, I left with half a pumpkin pie, half a rum pecan pie, a small apple pie, corn bread, and a nice sweet cranberry sauce (which mixes well with fat free vanilla yogurt).

Take our food, Jen! We don't want to eat anything until December.

Thanks. I said as I wondered if one pumpkin pie and one apple pie turning into half a pumpkin, half a pecan, a small apple pie, corn bread and sweet cranberry sauce was good economic policy. Is pie the answer to the current recession? After all, pie charts are helpful.

So I've got a stockpile of pie. When the world ends, I'll be eating pie. I also went for a long run today.

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