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Soy Yogurt
A few days ago, I was in Trader Joes and noticed the Soy Yogurt in the Yogurt section. I had never had Soy Yogurt before.

A woman stood next to me and pondered the Soy Yogurt as well. Should we try it? There were two flavors: Strawberry and Peach. We wondered what it was like. It was only ninety-nine cents. Feeling adventurous, we both grabbed some Soy Yogurt.

Later that day, I tried the Strawberry. Bleh. The next day, I tried the peach. It was cold peach flavored gruel like food in a hallucinogenic Dickens novel. Okay, yuck.

Even though Trader Joes is not just in California and Lactose Intolerance knows no state boundary, Soy Yogurt feels very wacky Cali to me. The rest of the country could mention Soy Yogurt (probably right after the Governator) when they want to make fun of California.

I had to drink some green tea to get the peach taste out of my mouth.

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