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The Lost Posts
Inspired by Rich's 2005 Lost Post, I have put together a comprehensive and very special list of Sunshine Jen posts that never made it to Sunshine Jen.

1. The new Olympic Sport: Competitive Dog Walking

2. I make a new cocktail with gin.

3. Fake Internet Celebrity Awards (?????)

4. Forbidden Words. The idea for this one actually came from my old high school English teacher. Some of her forbidden words were: kind of, sort of, utilize (used incorrectly), deals with, in my opinion.

5. Musicals Based On 80s Movies. I only got as far as Chariots of Fire:

We’re running on wet sand.
We’re running real fast.
We’re running on wet sand.
We’re running real fast.

6. I hang out with other happyrobot people and we drink cocktails (with gin).

7. Recipes from the Sunshine Jen Kitchen: Spaghetti in Twinkee Sauce

8. I see a movie or read a book and have a lot to say about it.

9. The Ultimate LA Compliment: You're So Thin!

10. My Visit to a Sweat Lodge. It was warm. It was really really warm.

11. Does having sex on top of a robot make that robot happier?

12. A Post Where I List Posts That I Never Got Around To Writing

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