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The Last Word
Recently my uncle told me about a cocktail with gin and chartreuse he had at a restaurant. It was an old school cocktail called The Last Word.

Even though I love gin without irony, I'm not a big chartreuse fan. It's a little too herbal for me. However, when I mixed the Last Word, I was quite surprised and pleased with the result. When the chartreuse can play with the strong gin, lime, and cherry flavors, it becomes less obnoxious and even a bit pleasant.

The Last Word

1 oz gin

1 oz chartreuse

A splash of cherry liqueur

A splash of lime juice

Combine ingredients and stir. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

I used yellow chartreuse and Tanqueray gin. I was gentle with the splash of Luxardo cherry liqueur. A little Luxardo goes a long way. For the lime, I squeezed half a small lime into the mix of two drinks.

Last Word

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