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Yep I Did It Again
I apologize for the scarcity of sunshine jenity lately. I've been a bit busy launching my second ebook.

Yep, I had so much fun making The Slacker Pilgrim Guide that I had to do it again. This time, I made a fiction book about Los Angeles.

The new ebook is called Beautiful Collisions: Stories from Los Angeles, and it is available worldwide on Amazon.

Beautiful Collisions is a collection of interconnected stories about women in Los Angeles during the new millennium. Some of the collisions are romantic. Some are not so nice. They are all beautiful in some way.

With this book, I want to capture a Los Angeles that thrives in the imagination. I am also excited that I can finally spell millennium without looking it up (it was just one of those words that always got me). And don't worry, no fictional characters were harmed during the making of this book.

After I launched The Slacker Pilgrim Guide, some writer friends wanted to pick my brain about making ebooks. How? What? Where? I've decided to do the rest of this post in question and answer format.

I've written something, and I've been meaning to do something with it. Maybe I'll do it as an ebook. Where do I start?

When I was thinking about making The Slacker Pilgrim Guide into an ebook, I read Let's Get Digital by David Gaughran. He was really good about going step by step into the world of ebooks from formatting to promotion. His book also gave me the confidence to do it. 

A good site to check out is Smashwords ( The Smashwords style guide is extremely easy to follow. I was able to get The Slacker Pilgrim Guide up on all channels by uploading to Smashwords. You can upload to Amazon from Smashwords, but you can also just upload your document onto Amazon easily which I did. 

Do I need special software?

I work on Microsoft Word 2003 for Windows XP. Once formatted properly, I uploaded the document to Amazon which did the conversion and even spell checked.

I am not super technical. I type all the Sunshine Jen posts on Word as well.

Since I am not in the Appleverse, I can get into the Apple Store through Smashwords. Sorry Apple folks, at this point, the new book is only available on Amazon.

Why is Beautiful Collisions only available on Amazon?

I wanted to see what being exclusive on Amazon would be like. I can opt out at the end of any 90 day period.

I don't have a Kindle. How can I read your new book?

You can download a Kindle Reader here.

Do you hate real books now?

No. I don't hate real books. The majority of my reading is still print. I enjoy holding books just like I enjoy writing on paper with a pen. I don't think printed paper will ever die. Ebook readers are just another medium---not the only medium.

Will there be a happy robot ebook?

Actually, that's my question. Rich????

Are you going to do another trip?

Working on it.

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