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The helicopters came at 8 am yesterday during my quiet reading time. The helicopters circled and went up and came down and went up and circled. My quiet reading time was shot to hell.

Damn it! I thought. How hard is it for a girl to think in this crazy town?

An hour later, the helicopters were still circling. An hour after that, the helicopters were still there.

I went to yoga, but I couldn't get into it. My shoulders tensed to my ears. The instructor played stupid folkie alternative crap music.

And still the helicopters kept circling. Hell is sunny and bright Los Angeles with helicopters circling.

I went to my favorite coffee shop, and. . . .

Things got better.

I asked Happy the barista if she knew anything about the helicopters.

It was like a bomb scare. She said.

Was it like a bomb scare or an actual bomb scare? I asked. When bombs are involved and helicopters are circling, I like to be definite.

Actual. There was some loner guy with a thing for explosives, but it's okay, they caught him.

All that noise, it would be really embarrassing if they hadn't. But I had another thought to say to Happy.

Darn it, it's loners like him that give loners a bad rap. Not all of us are into explosives. Some of us just want to read literature.

And Happy and I had a good laugh. She made me an excellent cup of tea and toasted bagel.

Even though the helicopters continued to circle, I felt better. I later learned the full story. Apparently, the cops pulled over some dude and found a pipe bomb in his car. They then searched his apartment and found more bombs and explosive devices. Apparently, they were all safely detonated. All of this was about a quarter mile from Sunshine Jen Central.

I guess I should be freaked out, but I'm actually not. In May 2013 this is the world I'm living in.

For the record, the book I was reading when the helicopters came: Best European Fiction 2011. I had made it to the I-countries.

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