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Sabbath Gasbags

At this morning's Sunshine Jen writing staff meeting, the conversation turned to Calvin Trillin's piece in the Sunday New York Times when he tried to introduce new words and phrases into everyday speech.

Many writers at the meeting agreed that the NYTimes was bogus for not letting him spell his word rubaphobia (fear of being thought a rube) his way. However, Patricia the editor defended the Times with her standard there-have-to-be-standards line. For example, there's a huge difference between okayyy and okayyyy. That extra y extends the word and takes on tragic overtones.

When the talk turned to Trillin's attempt to introduce Sabbath Gasbags (meaning those who go on Sunday morning news talk shows), Dig, the newest member of the Sunshine Jen writing staff spoke up.

Sabbath Gasbags is already taken anyway. Underground trash grunge punk band. They've been around awhile. They usually play the early shows on weeknights. Their songs are shit and they suck.

Dig said this while staring down at his smartphone with a cracked screen and a skull pattern on the plastic cover. Dig tended to not speak up at meetings.

The other writers stared at Dig in silence for a moment. Dig had spoken. What did it mean that Dig had spoken? Then, Dig turned his phone around and showed everyone a youtube video of Sabbath Gasbags. The camera work was shakey and mostly showed the bass player's knees, but you could hear them. Yep, they were bad and not in a cool rebellious way.

Still I give them points for keeping it going for ten years. Everyone has a dream, I guess. Dig said and went back to concentrating on his phone.

The rest of the writing staff pondered dreams and keeping at it and potential inspirational blog postings when Dig interrupted once again.

Hey that Trillin has a cool forehead. It's symmetrical. Dig said holding up a picture of Calvin Trillin on his phone.

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