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West Hollywood Crosswalk
Today I went to east West Hollywood for the first time in a long while. I found parking in the shade and went to cross Santa Monica Boulevard. At the crosswalk, I pushed the button.

Wait. The crosswalk said to me in a very masculine voice.

Usually crosswalks do not speak. Usually crosswalks just make beeping noises. But this crosswalk said a word.

I pressed the button again.


And again.


And again quickly.


The crosswalk only spoke English.

The light changed, and I got a walk signal. The crosswalk did not speak. It did not say walk. It did not even beep.

I walked though.

Later, when I had to cross the street again, I utilized a different crosswalk. It also told me to wait. I again pressed the button several times, but the response was always wait while several Russian ladies at the bus stop looked at me strangely.

This time, when the light changed, the crosswalk made a grinding sound like my laptop sometimes makes. I stepped into the street and walked across.

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