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Drone Sea Gulls
First, and most importantly, congrats to Post Modern Stu and his bride on their modern nuptulous ritual. Many happy returns and all that.

Meanwhile, in my world, this weekend I was out on the water for a two day sailing regatta (sailboat race). Weather was foggy and overcast, so it wasn't too hot or sunny. Our crew was great, and we all came together and sailed fast and rounded marks. All in all, it was a nice weekend on the water.

On Saturday night, after a series of conversations, some other sailors and I ended up at a house party in Culver City. When we scrappy salty boat people arrived, the party was happening. White lights were strung over a swimming pool with no one swimming in it. Huge platters of snacks were sitting on tables. A band was playing Stairway to Heaven. There was a tiki theme happening.

As I moved through the crowd, I tried to remember the last time I had been to a Southern California house party and wondered if I should go to more house parties. Maybe? Maybe not.

I got to talking with some folks. Whenever, someone heard that I had been sailing all day, they had to tell me their sailing stories. I listened and nodded. I hoped I projected a salty wisdom that I've seen on many older male sailors with white hair and lines on their faces. Internally, I was just wrecked tired.

By the pool, I started talking with a lady in a pink floral print dress. She had a lei around her neck and seemed very flowery. She told me her name, but I forgot it immediately. I didn't repeat her name back to her. I usually remember names when I do that. We chatted about the water.

Oh I love the water. I was at the beach today. There was a huge flock of seagulls floating in the water. Then they all flew away at the same time.

They're drones. I said hoping she would laugh. She didn't.

She asked with a sincere intrigued tone.

Now at this point, I could have said only kidding and we would have both had a laugh and moved onto another topic like leopard sharks, but I wanted to see how far I could take the story.

Yes, it's a military project. Everyone on boats knows about it. The navy has been practicing with drone sea gulls.
I said all this with a straight face. The flower lady kept nodding and looking serious.

We ended the conversation with the flower lady saying:

Well, I'm definitely gonna google that.

Ahhhh. Google, ender of so many beautiful silly conversations. Still, she might just find out that drone sea gulls are real.

The sailor gang moved into a large room, and I was just about to strike up another conversation when a band started playing really loudly at the end of the room. I had to cover my ears.

Those gosh darn kids with their loud music. My inner grumpy old lady complained.

Then I looked over at the band. They were all older than I was. I stumbled back outside and gulped down the cool night air. I watched a couple play ping pong, but the ball kept getting away from them.

It was time to go.

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