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My attempt to explain the America's Cup
I think I've really gotten into sailing. The Wednesday night races ended this past Wednesday, and I'm bummed, seriously bummed. Sure, I have only been racing on Wednesday since the end of July (it's a 20 week series), but it has become such a joyous habit for me. Now it's over. Bummer. Okay, move on, what's next?

Recently, one of my non-sailing friends asked me about the America's Cup which is happening up in San Francisco.

So Jen, what do you think of the America's Cup? My non-sailing friend asks.

Well, it's a cup. It's the oldest trophy in international sports. It's for sail boat racing. I say trying to make my thoughts sound coherent yet upbeat.

Yeah, I'm thinking of going up there to see it, but I don't know anything about sail boat racing.

It's really easy. Two big expensive sail boats go really really fast.

How fast?

Up to 40 miles an hour.

Not that fast.

No engine.


I then go on to talk about catamarans versus monohulls and how these 72 foot boats actually hydroplane on the water. I talk about the eleven man crews who look like linebackers and grind like he-men. I talk about how it's the Kiwis against US team Oracle. I talk about how all the commentators were talking about how fast the Oracle boat was, but the Kiwis can tack faster and outsail the Americans. I talk about how the boats might be super technological, but they still require a team working together to make them go. I talk about grinding and tacking and jibing (aka gybing). I talk about how the skipper and helmsman for the Americans is actually an Aussie. I talk about the 56 year old grinder on the Kiwi team (56 and still grinding? I gotta stay in shape). I talk about how the Kiwis could win it all this weekend and that's a really big deal.

And my friend's eyes go wide then glaze over, but then I see she has a question, so I stop talking.

So how are the Giants doing this year?

I get my head out of the water and back on the baseball diamond. I laugh.

Not good. The Dodgers are doing better. I say hoping the team will hold together into the post-season.

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