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Dear Slacker Pilgrim Guide

On November 1st, one year ago, I put The Slacker Pilgrim Guide to the Camino de Santiago up on Amazon and Smashwords (who sent it to a zillion ebook channels). One year later. . .

Dear Slacker Pilgrim Guide,

I'm writing you a quick note of thanks for being in my life. Yes, I know I wrote you. Yes, I know I put you up on Amazon and all the other ebook channels. Yes, I know you wouldn't exist if I hadn't put the work in.

But there's something beyond the work. You have gone out into the world and done good. You have inspired folks and you have inspired me. Sure, every writer dreams of connecting with readers, but this connection isn't me, SPG, it's you. The readers might get in touch with me, but it's you telling folks that it's okay to dream, that it's okay to go out into the world and just try something, that it's okay to want to walk 550 miles. It's you bringing delight to folks.

And you have brought me something too. You made me feel like a writer, a real writer, not just someone goofing off with words, not just someone with an MFA who yeah, well, you know, maybe next year. I've been standing a little taller and feeling a little better about the words. I'm no longer sitting in a cave painting the walls. I am out in the sun and the rain, and it feels good (in the way that James Brown sang it).

So keep going SPG. I hope you find the folks you need to find because you certainly have found me. Every day you remind me to trust the love and keep on walking.

Thanks again,

Sunshine Jen

Downhill walking

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