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The Stroller Brigade

This morning, as I was finishing my walk down a hill in the nearby park, I encountered a parade of strollers being pushed up the hill by a brigade of marching mothers. I had encountered this brigade of mothers before. They exercise together at the top of the hill while their stroller-bound offspring contemplate philosophy.

I stepped aside to let the mothers and their strollers pass me on the narrow path. They looked determined in their marching. Their strollers had big all-terrain wheels for going off-road. Loaded down with metal bottles of water and plastic cases of technology, they looked like they could cross deserts and embark on epic adventures.

As I stood and smiled to let the mothers know they had the path and to please not run me down, one of the first mothers in line noticed a little baggie of cheerios on the path.

Someone dropped their cheerios. The mother said.

Not me. I don't have cheerios. The mother in front of her said, and the first mother shrugged and moved on.

Then a few mothers down the line:

Someone dropped their cheerios.

Not me.

Then a few mothers later:

Someone dropped their cheerios.

I don't think it's anyone with us.

Oh no, Cheerios down!
I said to the last mothers huffing and puffing up the path. We had a laugh on that one.

The mothers all passed me, and the little baggie of cheerios was still lying on the path. I suddenly felt sad for the little kid who won't have his or her cheerios snack today. Cheerios are good snackin food.

I frequently see wild cats (domesticated cats who have gone rogue) hanging out along the path. They sit quietly under a bush and watch people walk up and down the path. They probably are waiting for the bird to eat, but I wonder if they will eat the cheerios.

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