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Urth to Jen

It's been a bit chilly in LA. I've been wearing hats, gloves, and scarves for not just fashion reasons. It's gone down into the forties. For LA, that's Arctic.

My friend Essie was shocked to learn that in all my years gallivanting around LA, I had never been to the Urth Caffé in West Hollywood. I figured it was just a pretentious little place with bad parking for reality TV stars and their hangers on.

Essie lives near the Urth, so I parked in her driveway and trotted off with her to Urth on Saturday night. I had just done a little three mile walk in Runyon Canyon, so I was craving food and drink.

The Urth was packed, and thankfully, no one famous was there. The Urth also had a huge menu with lots of food options and coffee drink options. I spotted a piece of bread pudding glowing behind the glass. Oh yes, yes, yes.

I ordered a bread pudding and a Spanish latte (it's made with condensed milk) at the counter, got a number, and Essie and I found a table on the sidewalk under heat lamps. Essie had ordered soup which came with two huge wedges of bread.

My bread pudding and Spanish latte turned out to be a combination of massive sweetness and warmth. It was just what I needed. Yum.

As Essie and I were eating and talking, an open top tourist bus with TMZ in huge letters across the side pulled up on the other side of the street. The tourists in the bus (not in hats and scarves) just stared at us like we were animals in the zoo. I decided to be friendly and waved back. The tourists didn’t wave back and continued to just stare at me as the bus pulled away.

Oh well, I can only do so much. And oh my gosh that Spanish latte/bread pudding combo was awesome.

Later that night, we went to see Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and I was wide awake from beginning to end. Gotta love that sugar rush.

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