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My Facebook Movie

Over the last few days, I noticed some of my facebook friends have posted one minute facebook movies. I will be honest. I only watched one of them. The montage of pictures with music made me think of the memorial for dead movie people at the Academy Awards. I'm sorry Facebook friends, but I can not watch your movies.

Then I started thinking about what my Facebook movie would be. Having once (a long time ago in a galaxy far far away) been an aspiring screenwriter, I wondered if I could write my Facebook movie.

Then I realized that yes, I could write my Facebook movie, so here it is:

Joined in 1907.

First moments.

Lots of pictures in a big giant picture. 

Picture of Jen on a sailboat.

Another picture of Jen on a sailboat.

Picture of Jen on a sailboat with other people.

Picture of Jen on a different sailboat

You are most liked.

Most popular post: Jen on a sailboat

Jen hiking

Jen hiking in Spain

A martini.

A Manhattan.

The thumbs up icon.

The middle finger icon.

Okay shown with fingers.

No liking necessary.

Lots of pictures, again.

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