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The Photo
We've all seen the photo, the gathering of the cast for a script read for the new Star Wars movie. Some of my facebook friends have even responded with glee. Yes, it's going to happen. There are actors and a script. All they need is a black box theater, and gosh golly these kids can put on a show.

I like that they posted a photo and not some silly video which ultimately means nothing. The photo is a moment in time and you don't know what the folks in it are saying. Naturally, this leads to speculation or fabrication.

Okay, yes, I came up with some captions. . .

Daisy Ridley: Carrie, why don't we have a lot of lines?

Carrie Fisher: I tell you, Daisy, its hard hard universe for a woman. Don't let them put you in a gold bikini.

Peter Mayhew: Chewie has lines?

Brian Burke: I'm sharing a couch with Kathleen Kennedy.

Kathleen Kennedy: I feel like Im back in the eighties.

Domhnall Gleeson: I wonder why they gave me the least comfortable chair. . .hey, that's Harrison Ford.

Anthony Daniels: Once more into the gold suit.

Mark Hammil: I feel with this movie, I can really go deep into the essence that is Luke and explore not only his Jedi-ness, but his humanity.

Andy Serkis: What? No hobbits?

Oscar Isaac: Wow, we're in a Star Wars movie.

John Bodeya: I cant believe we're in a Star Wars movie.

Adam Driver: Dude, were in a Star Wars movie.

Lawrence Kasden: Here we go again.

J.J. Abrams: Im thinking of making an Air Force One reboot next.

R2D2: I feel so boxed in by these movies. I could've played Hamlet.

Harrison Ford: Cool. When's lunch?

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