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To Blog or Not To Blog

Hello Robotland,

It's been awhile since I've thrown down some words here. Yikes! Has it really been since January? Okay, I'm a slacker.

I hope everyone is well and happy.

I am well and happy. Don't worry, I'm not dead, sick, or in any sort of trouble. I just didn't have the need to share stories, observations, or culture stuff this year. I've been walking, writing a book about walking, sailing, teaching on sailboats, racing on sailboats, and sailing some more. Yep, I've become a bit of a marina rat with a bitchin' tan.

After thirteen years in Cali, I think I'm finally full-on Californian although recently someone asked me where I was from. My voice and my black clothes still set me apart. Oh well, California does take me as I am (to quote Joni Mitchell).

I've been writing books. I have one about my walk in Italy called Stumbling to Rome on the Via Francigena, and it's available as an ebook on tons of ebook channels. I also launched my first fantasy novel in this weekend. It is a long time in the writing, and it will be the first of a series. It's got strong women and dragons. It's called Dragon's Mate. It's currently out on Amazon and Smashwords and will be up other places soon. You can find out about all the books on my website: (yep, I'm a dot com now too).

Moving on from self-promotion, in other news, I am car-free in LA. I take buses and feel a lot less stressed in LA traffic. I can sit and chill (buses usually are air conditioned). I'm not so go-go-go-why-aren't-we-going-faster. I am on bus time.

Then there's the whole New Star Wars nonsense. Hasn't my generation suffered enough with special editions and prequels? I was trying to not get pulled into the hype. I was trying to stand at a distance and look on with a bemused smile.

Then I saw the preview when Han Solo says: Chewie, we're home.

Chewie, we're home? Once again, we see why Harrison Ford is one of the great underrated actors of our time. His performance of that sickly sweet line did not make me vomit in my mouth.

Chewie, we're home? Han Solo has always struck me as an unsentimental guy. Sure, he became more caring after the carbon freeze, and I always figured he settled down with the princess and had a few kids. We're also not seeing the line in any sort of context except Chewie is next to him and they seem to be on the Millennium Falcon. His next line could be: let's see if there's whiskey in the galley.

I don't want to hate on New Star Wars. But Old Star Wars was all about moving forward. Any exposition came in the form of the opening scroll and Alec Guinness: Luke, there is the Force, your dad was a Jedi, here's his lightsaber, let's go to Alderaan.

Anyway, moving on.

Scrolling through facebook on the bus other day, I wondered why we need to reveal our lives? In all our sharing, are we trying to form narratives about our lives and bring order to them? Are we in a time of expression saturation? When everything is expressed, what is the point of expressing anything? Are my modes of expression changing and I just gotta roll with it? Why do I think so much about these things especially when kitten pictures are cute?

What else can I say about myself lately? When I'm on boats, I see a lot of dolphins. That's neat. I'm usually racing, so I'm not taking pictures. And non-sailing friends, sorry I haven't been around a lot. It's just that when I step on some boats, it feels like (oh no, I gotta say it). . .it feels like. . .home.


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