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Frowny Face House

I have lived in the same neighborhood for over ten years. In the last few years, my neighborhood has become desirable. Tiny bungalows are selling for a million dollars; then the new owners are tearing the old houses down to build something new and shiny.

To me, it brings up an interesting question. If you could build the house of your dreams, what would you build? Would you build something modern or traditional? What do you want your house to be? This is LA. You can express yourself. This is LA. You don't have to be THAT creative.

It is amazing to me just how basic and borderline mediocre some of the new houses look. Many of them look like a basic house in anywhere USA. Maybe they are trying to attract film and commercial shoots. Still, this is what you put all your money into? Many are actually very bland with a beige paint job and not a lot of windows.

On the other end of the spectrum are the super modern houses with lots of windows, lots of wood, lots of succulents in the yard, and lots of lines and angles. I actually walked through one of the modern houses during an open house when it was up for sale. While the outside is dramatic, the inside is dull. The main floor is concrete. Upstairs, there are three tiny bedrooms and one master bedroom whose windows look at powerlines. Still, somebody bought it.

Recently, another modern house was built down the street from me. The construction took over a year. Both sides of the roof came down to the center, so the roof had a wide V shape. I didn't notice anything special about the house until one day after the windows went in. It took me a minute to stop and stare because I didn't trust my initial reaction. But yes, there it was. With the windows and the roof, it was a frowny face house. It was as if the house was about to give me a stern talking to about my life choices. I don't know if I can live in a frowny face house.

Now every time I pass by the frowny face house, I feel myself smile. It's the house of someone's dreams, but it's not the house of my dreams. I'm glad I don't have to live in the frowny face house.

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