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Girl Scout Cookies on the Red Carpet

It's that time of year again. The Girl Scouts are out with the cookies. I had just gotten myself fit and healthy after the holidays, and bam! Cookies!

This year in my corner of the world, the cookies are five bucks a box. I appreciate the cookies are finally getting paid their worth. I'm sure Girl Scout leaders also appreciate that they don't have to carry around singles to give change.

I was a Girl Scout, so I have a history with the cookies that goes wayyy back. I was never a good cookie seller, and I'm sure my lack of cookie selling ability affected me in later life. I was the Girl Scout who wanted to go off hiking in the woods. I was adventurous Girl Scout. I wasn't entrepreneurial Girl Scout. Oh well, still love the cookies.

So this year, I wanted to pay tribute to those delicious cookies by giving them their own Red Carpet. Now before you shout, but Jen! The purpose of the cookies is to build business skills in girls, not to put on a fashion show. You're warping the message! Please, let me turn around, give you my best adventurous grin, and say, trust me.

I am not a Cookie Fashion expert, so I have brought on three experts to help me. First, from the ice cream section, with a rich combination of vanilla, chocolate chunks, and bits of cherry, my dear friend, CHERRY GARCIA. Next, a star of the sweet scene, recently married, RED VELVET-CUPCAKE. And finally, an icon from my childhood, taught me that C is for Cookie, COOKIE MONSTER.

Let's move onto the looks on the carpet. First up, Samoa.

CHERRY: Stripes are tricky, but Samoa pulls it off so beautifully.

RED: I like what you can't see: the coconut flavor blends so beautifully. There's a lot more happening than what you first see.


Moving on, next, we have Tagalong.

CHERRY: Look at that chocolate. I'm getting chills.

RED: Chocolate! Peanut Butter! Cookie! I love it! It's fabulous. I want a dozen.


Next, we have Do-si-do.

CHERRY: The other peanut cookie but definitely a favorite here. Granola and peanut butter. Such a simple combination, but it is pulled off to perfection here.

RED: Do you know what I love about it? It's a sandwich cookie. But it works! It works!


Coming down the carpet next is Trefoil. Oh no, what's that? Did Trefoil crumble? No, Trefoil is fine.

CHERRY: A little crumble. Totally minor. Such a minimalist cookie! Short bread with the trefoil symbol. I like it. It accomplishes what it set out to do.

RED: Nothing extra. No flotsam and jetsam. Just clean, elegant lines. A real winner.


You can hear the crowd cheering. That's because Thin Mint has arrived.

CHERRY: Look at that! I mean, just look at that! I'm speechless! Speechless!

RED: Simple elegance. A classic. Once again, Thin Mint delivers.


Well that's it for the Girl Scout Cookie Red Carpet. For a complete wrap up of all the cookies, you can go online. Wait, we are online. We need more cookies. Please, send cookies.

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