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Writing Day

As I've gotten older, I've gotten better at writing discipline and making sure I have writing time. After all, these blogs don't write themselves.

However, lately, I've been doing a lot of sailing and walking and gigs to keep the cash flow going so the word flow will not be from a stressed out place. With all this doing and going, I had to put a writing day on my calendar.

But I got one! I got a writing day! Woohoo! Excitement! I made a list of everything I was going to write. I was going to catch up on old projects. I was going to finish stuff and send stuff out. I was going to be a super efficient writing machine. Go Jen Go!

Everything, I was going fine. I was even doing laundry because I could actually write and wash clothes at the same time (thank you, modern convenience).

However, the bathroom decided to flood.



Called the plumber. Plumber came, banged on pipes.

Okay, fine. Writing time!

Then a friend called in crisis. Okay, okay, I just needed to spend a long time on the phone. Friend felt better, and I felt good for being a good friend. Yay.

Tossed clothes in the dryer.

Made myself a cup of tea. Made myself a sandwich.

Needed to get myself mentally back on track for writing day.

Watched inspirational youtube videos.

Paid the plumber. Ouch.

Watched more inspirational youtube videos.

Made another cup of tea.

Then finally finally finally sat down for writing day.

And wrote words

And more words

And still more words, which I cut at a later date.

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