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Recently our intrepid Sunshine Jen reporter, Dustin, found himself up a tree with two squirrels in a park in Los Angeles. After receiving an email from one of his squirrel friends, he decided to talk with the squirrels directly, and they arranged to meet in a tree in the afternoon two days ago. As a cool breeze eased through the trees, the squirrels talked about their lives during the last few weeks.

Dustin, it's been chaos! One squirrel exclaimed as another squirrel nodded in agreement and licked its front paws. The squirrel continued:

It used to be easy. Dogs in the morning, then dogs in the evening. But now! Now, it's dogs all the time. Some humans let the dogs chase us up the trees. Fortunately, the dogs can't climb, but they get mighty close.

One almost bit my tail yesterday. Too many dogs. The other squirrel interjected.

We used to see the same dog twice a day, but now we will see the same dog four or five times a day.

It's terrible. Just terrible. We barely have enough time to find nuts, eat nuts, or bury nuts.

Or sit in the middle of a field and bask in the sunshine.

No more basking for us. We have to hide like rats.

To think, we've lowered ourselves to the standard of rats. It's demeaning.

I feel so small even with the fluffy tail.

At least my tail is still fluffy. It's the little things that matter.

At this point, the two squirrels paused to fluff their tails and admire the fluffy tails on each other. At the other end of the park, a human child started screaming.

Oh those kids. The squirrel said exasperated.

Those kids. They're everywhere. They used to spend all day at the large building at the end of the road, but now they're everywhere every day.

I won't lie. I've been chased.

And some of them climb trees. Terrible, just terrible. We have to climb higher.

To high!

Suddenly, a dog on the leash started circling under the tree and sniffing.

Oh no. Here comes another one.

The dog looked up and spotted the squirrels.

Woof-woof went the dog.

The squirrels unleashed a barrage of naughty words which we will not repeat here.

After a few seconds, the dog lost interest and walked away with its human.

Realizing that the squirrels had nothing more to say and wanted to only eat their nuts, Dustin climbed out of the tree and walked home to file this report.

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