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The New Bath Mat
The new bath mat arrived on Sunday. It's blue. I'm totally stoked.

Bath mat is probably not the right word for the item since the mat is not going into the bathtub. It's going into a shower stall to replace the old bath/shower mat. The old mat was originally clear and is now a gold-beige-tan color. Time for the old mat to go. Good bye old mat.

I can't remember when I bought the old mat. It was several years ago. It served me well. I didn't have to think about it. It was just a bath mat.

During the pandemic, I find myself thinking a lot about mundane things like the bath mat. Pre-pandemic, if I thought about the bath mat, I would have put it on a list to pick up during some errand running. Now, the mundane must be sought out. I never thought I would be googling a bath mat and that I would find a wide variety of bath mats on line. Still, the arrival of the bath mat is cause for celebration. Woohoo! It has suction cups. It's blue.

Yes, I know I wrote blue twice. It's okay.

As the calendar moves toward May, I continue to stick to my routines and fill my day with little things. My goals include reading actual books and not binge watching every single show streaming. Then I sleep. Then I wake up. Then I fill my day with a lot of little things. And I keep going. And I'm still breathing on this planet. It's okay.

It's okay has become my mantra. It doesn't have to be great. It could become terrible, but that's not right now. It's okay. And! I have a new bath mat in the shower. Sweeeet.

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