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The Harrison Ford Song
I was digging in my archives recently and unearthed a few gems that made me smile. Yes, I have archives---kind of scary if you think about it for too long. I'm too young to have archives.

The last few days, I have been running here, running there, running running everywhere. I have a houseguest and then I have to go to a wedding in Cleveland this coming weekend. Apparently, there will be thunder storms and cold weather in Cleveland, so I'm packing for potential rain, potential cold weather, and a potential heat wave. You never know what you'll get in Cleveland although the Stadium mustard totally rocks.

But I digress. . .

As a result of my future Cleveland adventure, I'm a bit slack on the words this week. My mind is shooting from wedding cards (Mushy crap---can't anyone make a wedding card that's FUNNY?), then zing! to the Hollywood Sign (Must take pictures at the Hollywood Sign), then zing! to office job (Must file, must file, ohhhhh), then zing! to Cleveland (Activate Cleveland Posse), then zing! zing! ahhhhh!

However, I enjoy entertaining all you Happy people on the Robot. I must create something---or in this case, rehash an old thing for a new audience. Let me find my peaceful valley filled with pretty flowers on the Happy Robot. Let me enjoy writings on yoga and cookies. Ommmm. Yummmm.

Annnnnnd I'm back.

When I was eighteen, I was a camp counselor and liked doing the sing-a-longs. I totally rocked out on "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Knees and Toes)". Then there was "Grey Squirrel" (Grey Squirrel, Grey Squirrel, Swish your bushy tail. . .) and "Down on the Banks of the Hanky Panky" (where the bull frogs jump from bank to banky).

So as I was dusting off my archeological relics, I thought song on the Robot, why the heck not. Besides, Harrison Ford's last movie was HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE---literally. What a title to have as your last movie. Yeesh. But I remember when he played Han Solo (in the real Star Wars movies) and Indiana Jones. Yeahhhhhh, he was soooo cool when I was twelve. "I'm a nice man"---ohhhh yes, you are. . .

Annnnd I'm back.

This song wasn't written in Hollywood. It was written somewhere in the United States a few years back. I have performed this song in public---really I have. You don't need chords to sing this song. You just gotta clap your hands and use any old tune.

"The Harrison Ford Song"

There's a man I've seen
On the movie screen
He's got a cocky grin
And a scar on his chin
He's Harrison Ford
Oh Lorrrrrrd, it's Harrison Ford

He's the kind of man
Who can make a stand
And the women know
That he'll take it slow
He's Harrison Ford
Oh Lorrrrrd, he's Harrison Ford

He don't need fashion
He's got passion
Don't need oscars
Or shiney red cars
He's Harrison Ford
Oh Lorrrrrrd, he's Harrison Ford

Don't know what the future brings
Will he be a wise old king
And when he's at the bitter end
And to the sky his hand extends
He will shout across the fjords
Oh Lord! I'm Harrison Ford

---Peace out!
---Sunshine Jen

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