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Drinking in Ireland
Have you ever been to a Bondhi Beach or any beach where the waves are slamming into sore? Have you ever walked out into the surf and been hit full on by a motha of a wave? Were you still standing, slightly dazed, only to be hit by another wave right after it? Were you then floating calmly up and down in the water, far from shore?

That's Ireland to me. Slam! Splash! Then I'm floating. It's cool. It's all cool.

Something I wasn't prepared for on my recent trip there was the drinking. I live in a desert, so I drink all kinds of beverages. I drink water, vitamin water, sporty water, fresh squeezed juice, juice from concentrate, lemonade, coffee, lattes, espressos, soda, tonic water, wine, beer, and extra special but necessary cocktails. However, it's been a long time since I drank so much tea.

Yes, tea. You go to someone's house, sit down by the fire, and have a cup of tea. Then, someone else shows up, you have another cup of tea. Then, the conversation wanes, so someone goes and puts the kettle on for another cup of tea. And more tea. And more tea. Lots of tea. Strong, dark, hearty tea. Milk and sugar, please. That's fine. Thanks.

I went into tea overload.

Now, don't get me wrong. I like the occasional cup of tea. I drink coffee in the morning and a variety of beverages in the course of the day. Because I was a foreign American, I was offered the coffee option in Ireland. But even with the coffee option, I drank a lot of tea. Even on the plane coming back to the states, I took the tay option from the stewardess because the airplane coffee tasted like luke warm yuck.

You can't really mess up tea too badly. Maybe I'll start drinking more of it. Maybe I'll have a cuppa today on this rainy LA Wednesday. Yes, it's raining in LA.

PS: I did drink some really nice pints of Guinness in Ireland as well. And I had an Irish coffee one afternoon when I needed to escape from the tea drinking.

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