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Wanted: Laptop Opinions Please
First of all, let me clarify. I am not looking for someone to sit on my lap and give me their opinions.

I am looking for opinions on laptop (of the computing kind) because I'm planning to buy a new one. Yes, the Sunshine Jen IT department is entering the 21st century.

I currently work on a little Hitachi from 1997 or 98, so it won't take a lot for me to upgrade.

This is what I'm looking for:
A brand name laptop (I've been looking at Compaq, Toshiba, Gateway)
Priced at $800 or less
DVD player
I need to be able to plug a floppy disk drive into it. (I have love my floppies. They're holding ten years worth of work).
I do a lot of word processing and sometimes work on big ass documents.

I plan to stay in the PC universe (sorry Mac users). I'm not a super tech person---I consider it an accomplishment when I put links in my posts on happyrobot.

Any thoughts on brands, warranties, retailers would be most helpful.

Thanks so much.

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