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Poland Spring

Last week, the Sunshine Jen Diplomatic Core traveled to New York on a diplomatic mission. Even though they had been informed that the weather was more humid than the underside of a lid on a pot of boiling water, they found the weather to be most pleasing especially when a light breeze rolled in off the mighty Hudson River.

The Diplomatic Core is pleased to report that they were welcomed most graciously once their credentials were established and presented with proper ceremony and decorum.

‘It's me! I'm in the blue tank top waving across the street! Yes! Yes! That's me! I see you! Yes! I'll see you as soon as the light changes!'

Once all greeting rituals and proper handshakes were completed, the Diplomatic Core proceeded to diplomatize and engaged in the drinking of beverages in the hopes of further engaging in dialogues that would be beneficial to all involved although might not be remembered the next day.

‘Uhmmm, how about something sweet and refreshing, Gin, Gin and Tonic, Tanqueray if they have it.'

Several photographs were taken during these proceedings, so there will be a thorough record of the events for the sake of posterity. Let history record that good times were had, people spoke words, and drinks were drunk.

‘You're Mrs. Robot? I've wanted to meet you for a long time.'

Then the Suits showed up and proceeded to block all exits as they stood in a circle in the middle of the floor with their million dollar briefcases between their feet.

‘Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, I have to get by, EXCUSE ME, I HAVE TO MOVE PAST YOU NOW!'

Fortunately, the Diplomatic Core had received training in pushing past immovable people, and the location of the meeting moved to a second, more secure location. However, the Suits just had to be commented upon.

‘They are just sooo normal.'

The meetings continued, and one key official arrived at a very late hour. However, the proper rituals were attended to and the correct drinks were procured.

‘Oh my God, it's youuuu! It's youuuu! Big hug! How ARE you?'

Late in the evening or perhaps early in the morning, the Diplomatic Core was escorted back to their temporary quarters.

‘Jen, this is your stop. This is your stop, Jen. JEN, GET OFF THE TRAIN.'

The Sunshine Jen Diplomatic Core proceeded to drink several bottles of Poland Spring water that evening/morning and for the rest of their trip. All the members of the Core enjoyed the Poland Spring water which is not as abundant on the West Coast.

The Diplomatic Core will refrain from reporting the exact times of the day when they consumed their Poland Spring beverages. That would be anal overkill and quite boring. However, they did consume a heck of a lot of it---both sparkling and still.

All in all, the Sunshine Jen Diplomatic Tour was a smashing success. Many alliances and agreements were made, and the Diplomatic Core is optimistic that further meetings could take place in the future.

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