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December Already?

It's December. How did that happen? I can't believe it's December 2nd already. How did that happen? Just two days ago, it was November. Just before that, it was Halloween. What happened to November? November went by too fast.

22 days until Christmas Eve. 22 days. There are riots in Wal Mart, shortages at Toys R Us, Big Ass Hummers double parked in spaces reserved for Compacts. Everyone chanting, Ipod! Ipod! I tell ya, it's mass hysteria. Panic! Panic!

I've only just finished all the pie from Thanksgiving. Now I've gotta make room for cookies. Eeeeeek! What am I suppose to be? An eating machine????

And then there's travel arrangements, hotel rooms to be booked, traffic to be missed. Gotta have a strategy. Gotta be on the road at 3 am in the middle of the night to avoid the traffic. Gotta get there, gotta have presents, gotta bring cookies, gotta look presentable for family pictures.

Is it January yet?

In other news, I just heard from an old friend from the Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation that if you are planning to go see RENT the movie, GO NOW!! This week's gross will have a big impact on the future of the movie and keep it in wide distribution by giving word of mouth a chance to build. I told her I would spread the word, so please go see it if you are a fan of Jonathan's music or if you want to revisit your idealism.

By the way, let me take a moment to praise the Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation. Jonathan Larson wrote the musical, RENT, but sadly passed away before it became the big Broadway success. His family then took the proceeds from RENT to form the Foundation which supports the development of new Musical Theatre as well as writers and composers. It's a great organization that's really helping the next generation of Musical Theatre writers.

So Go Rent!

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